Friday, October 15, 2010

Elio Petri's A Quiet Place in the Country is Coming to TCM

I just noticed that Turner Classic Movies is premiering Elio Petri's disturbing and extraordinary A Quiet Place in the Country late at night this Halloween. This rare film is one of my favorites from the sixties and I am thrilled to see that TCM is airing it. I will be especially curious to see if the print is an improvement over my copy, which came from an VHS Amazon exclusive that was briefly available in the late 90s. TCM has a nice write-up on Petri's film, which can be read here.

My tribute to the film's unforgettable opening credit sequence can be viewed here for those interested.


dfordoom said...

I just wish we got the American version of TCM here, instead of the very inferior Australian version.

mordi said...

is that TCM US? it doesn't seem to be on TCM UK.