Friday, December 31, 2010

My 2010 Movie Watch-List

A few years back here I noted how I had always had trouble keeping track of the various films I would watch and see. Despite the fact that Moon in the Gutter is now over four years old, it just dawned on me a year or so ago that this was kind of an ideal place to to keep a movie watch list of sorts. Throughout 2010 over on the side-panel I have been keeping a list of pre-2010 films that I caught up with for the first time. Ironically, I probably watched less movies in 2010 than any year in recent memory due to several factors including work, planning my wedding and the fact that I caught up with a lot of television shows that had alluded me previously. Here's the list of films I did manage to catch up with though with my rather lame star ratings beside them. I'll be the first to admit that listing these is basically for my benefit, so I can keep track of them, but hopefully someone might get a couple of recommendations out of it.

In Alphabetical Order:

500 Days of Summer ****1/2

A Dragonfly for Each Corpse ***1/2
A Single Man ****1/2
Abigail Lesley is Back in Town *****
Adam **1/2
All About Steve *
Antichrist *****
Axe ***
Bali **
Bathing Beauty ****
Before Night Falls *****
Best Friends (1975) ***1/2
Bitch Slap *
Blow Dry ***
Blue State ***
Bright Star ***1/2
Capitalism: A Love Story ****1/2
Cassandra's Dream ****
Delicious ***
Dimples *
Don't Go in the House ***
Don't Go In The Woods ***
Down in the Valley ***1/2
Felicia ***1/2
Forced Entry (1975) *1/2
Franklyn ***1/2
Frontiers ****1/2

Giallo **1/2
Gospel According to Al Green ****1/2
Half Nelson *****
Hitchhike to Hell **1/2
Horrible (Absurd) ***
How I Got Lost ****
I Could Never Be Your Woman *1/2
Incendiary ****
Inside ***1/2
Jennifer's Body **
Lars and the Real Girl ****
Last House on the Left (Remake) ***
Life Blood ***
Live in my Secrets ****
Man on Fire ****
Management ***
New York, I Love You **
Next Door ****1/2
Night of the Creeps ***1/2
Night of the Lepus **
Not Quite Hollywood *****
Nothing But the Truth (1941) **1/2

Nympha ***
Out of Time *1/2
Patrick Lives Again ***1/2
Pitfall ****1/2
Pootie Tang **
Pro-Ball Cheerleaders (1979) **
Psychomania ***
Putney Swope *****
Recount ****
Rest Stop: Dead Ahead **1/2
Return in Red ***
Rings of Fear ***
Rolling Thunder ****1/2
Roommates ****1/2

Saint Ange **
Scent of Heather ***
Serious Moonlight ***1/2
Smash Cut ****1/2
Soul Men **
SpaceCamp ***
Splinter ***1/2
Stanley **1/2
SuperChick ***1/2
Taken *1/2
Tears of the Black Tiger *1/2
Tetro ****
The Bodyguard (Sonny Chiba) ***

The Boogens ***
The Box ***1/2
The Descent: Part 2 *
The Final Destination *1/2
The Forest ***1/2
The Fourth Kind *
The House of the Devil ****1/2
The Invention of Lying ***
The Isle **1/2
The Joneses ***1/2
The Original Kings of Comedy *****
The Parent Trap (1998) ****
The Pick-up Artist ****1/2
The Promotion ***
The Quiet ***
The Ring Finger **1/2
The Rocker ***1/2
The September Issue ***1/2
The Soloist **
The Violation of Claudia ***
The Young Victoria ***
These are the Damned ****
They Drive by Night *****
Tommy Boy **
Torture Garden **
Training Day ****
Trouble Man **1/2
Twentynine Palms ***1/2
Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl ****
Virtue (Carole Lombard) ***

Wanda Whips Wall St. ***1/2
Whatever Works ****1/2
Whiteout *

Of the films released in 2010, here is my list for those that I saw during the year:

After.Life **1/2
Black Swan *****
Body Heat ***
Book of Eli **
Date Night **1/2
Dinner for Schmucks ***
Due Date ***1/2
Edge of Darkness ***
Get Him to the Greek ***1/2
Going the Distance ***1/2
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ****
Hot Tub Time Machine ***1/2
Inception ****
Iron Man 2 ***1/2
Kick Ass ****1/2
Knight and Day ****
Let Me In *****
Love and Other Drugs ***1/2
Machete ****
Malice in Lalaland ****1/2
Morning Glory **
Never Let Me Go **1/2
Paranormal Activity 2 ***1/2
Piranha 3D ****
Resident Evil: Afterlife ****
Robin Hood **1/2
Salt ***1/2
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World ****1/2
Shutter Island ****
Splice ***
The A-Team *1/2
The Crazies *
The Expendables ****
The Fighter *****
The Girl Who Played with Fire ****1/2
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo ****1/2
The Killer Inside Me ****
The King's Speech ***
The Last Exorcism ***1/2
The Losers *
The Next Three Days ****
The Other Guys ****
The Promise: The Darkness on the Edge of Town Story ****1/2
The Runaways ****
The Social Network *****
The Tourist **1/2
The Town ****1/2
True Grit ****1/2
Unstoppable ***1/2
Winter's Bone ***1/2

Consider anything I have given 3 stars or more a recommendation.


Ned Merrill said...

Big fan of Ms. Lombard and VIRTUE. Good pre-Code choice, Jeremy. If I gave star reviews, it would get higher than 3 out of 5, FWIW. Good to see all the love that ROLLING THUNDER's been getting the last couple years.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Ned,
I liked it as well. My star ratings are pretty useless for the most part, and I hesitate to even use them but I can't think of a much better system to record my initial thoughts on films I am not writing on.
Wasn't Carole amazing and you gotta love those Pre-Code films. Thanks again...