Thursday, March 1, 2012

First-Time Viewings (02-12)

I caught up with close to thirty films this past month, including several really extraordinary ones. I only saw a couple of just released films but both The Woman in Black and Brandon Colvin's Frames were really excellent. I also got around to seeing a number of big films from late last year with my favorites being the excellent Certified Copy, Monte Hellman's wonderful Road to Nowhere and the very charming The Artist.
The best films I watched were Celine Danhier's extraordinary documentary Blank City, Giorgos Lanthimos masterpiece Dogtooth (which would have been on my best films of the past decade had I seen it sooner), Nobuhiko Ohbayashi's astonishing House, Celia Novis' incredible On Vampyres and Other Symptoms, Roman Polanski's fantastic The Ghost Writer and Bette Gordon's fascinating Variety.
Here's the full lists for those interested and, as always, I recommend all the ones marked with 3 stars or more.

Pre-2011 Films:

A Dangerous Method ***1/2
Bel Ami ***1/2
Blank City *****
Brother Orchid ***
Certified Copy ****1/2
Dawning **
DogTooth *****
Hausu *****
I Need that Record ****
Marianne Bouquet ***1/2
Murder a la Mod ****
Murders in the Rue Morgue (1971) ***
Obscene ****1/2
On Vampyres and Other Symptoms ****1/2
Road to Nowhere ****
Run Bitch Run **
Take Me Home Tonight **1/2
Testimone oculare ***
The Artist ****1/2
The Bed Sitting Room ***
The Breed **
The Ghost Writer *****
The Knack and How to Get It ****
The Little Death ****1/2
The Other Half ****1/2
Variety (1983) ****1/2

2011 Films:

Frames ****
The Woman in Black ****


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