Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Horror, The Horror

Ed at the great Shoot The Projectionist blog as been kind enough to invite me to nominate my favorite horror films for his 31 FLICKS THAT GIVE YOU THE WILLIES project. I have been working on my list in between classes, homework and my regular postings here and I must say that it has been rewarding and incredibly difficult. Neil at The Bleeding Tree recently posted his own set of rules for his list and I am struggling with some of the same issues he is.
At first I thought this will be easy but once I sat down and started compiling I quickly found it was one of the hardest lists I have ever attempted. My main problem is basically what constitutes a horror film. Is it anything that scares me? Does it have to be supernatural? What if it has comedic elements? I'm not coming up with any good answers so my list is going to be a bit all over the place, which is perhaps how it should be.
One thing I can say from looking over my tentative list, I am hoping to submit my final one to Ed by the weekend, is that I am obsessed with the seventies. I have known that to be true for a long time now but saying that the decade dominates my list is an understatement.
I hope to share my list here after the 31 FLICKS THAT GIVE YOU THE WILLIES has been completely compiled. Many of the usual suspects will be on mine but hopefully I will throw in a few surprises as well. I am really looking forward to seeing the final results. Ed's great blog is linked over to the right under my favorite movie blogs...check it out.


Rogue Spy 007 said...

I look forward to seeing your list. Most of my favorites tend to come from the 60's and 70's. Good luck with it.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Keith...it's fun but damn it is hard narrowing it down to 31...

Cinebeats said...

I'm suffering massive list-making burn out so I'm not participating. I'm must say that you're a better person than me for being able to come up with a list of 31!

Between classic favorites and every genre imaginable, I really started getting a headache just thinking of trying to put together a list of only 31 favorite horror films. Horror is far and away my favorite film genre, so it's just too hard to select 31.

It is interesting how you can learn about yourself from making these lists. I have to admit that making the recent foreign film list made me realize that I really favor the sixties above all other decades for film, but the seventies comes in a close second!

I look forward to seeing your list! As I mentioned last month, I hope to focus a lot on horror films this month in my own blog.

Neil Sarver said...

The task of getting my list down to 31 was nearly impossible. As I've said elsewhere, I could list 100 horror movies I love without blinking. It became a little easier when I decided not to make it anything more definitive than the movies that I felt like voting for this year.

I'm a bit surprised that neither of my recent lists have balanced very heavily on a specific time period. Not that they haven't had any revelations, such as just how important werewolves are in my personal horror canon.

For what it's worth, I didn't and don't consider comedy out of the realm. I voted for the very funny Dellamorte Dellamore and kept Evil Dead 2 on the list for quite some time... I've been meaning for quite some time to write up an full defense of Evil Dead 2 as a horror movie, perhaps I'll make the effort this month.

Ed Hardy, Jr. said...

I have to admit even I am starting to think that 31 films might be a bit... limiting, seeing as how over 90 films have been nominated so far by appearing on 3 or more lists. I took the stress out of my own nominating list of 31 just by thinking of it as "movies I'd like to see honored on a list of this kind," so I was free to choose whatever I wanted with no pressure at all. Besides, you know THE SHINING and TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE are going to get plenty of votes, so no matter how much you love them, you can feel okay about leaving them off your list. Maybe.

Neil Sarver said...

I noted after my list a number of movies that I left off because they felt safe. I did include a few movies that I assumed were also safe, but they were my cream of the crop, at least to my mind at this moment, or that I felt specifically like commenting on the greatness of, even if just briefly.

But on both this and the non-English list, I dropped a handful of safe movies for movies I liked approximately as well. I think it only makes sense.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks to you all for the comments...my list is about together...hope it is interesting