Thursday, November 6, 2008

Operation Screenshot (Films of the 2000s): Francois Ozon's Swimming Pool (2003)

Swimming Pool 2

Swimming Pool 3

Swimming Pool 4

Swimming Pool 6

Swimming Pool 8

Swimming Pool 9

Swimming Pool 10

Swimming Pool 11

Swimming Pool 13

Swimming Pool 14


Steve Langton said...

A long way from Ozon's top-drawer work, I'd say, but well worth catching. Rampling's work with Ozon turned her into one of my fave actresses.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Steve,
He'll be appearing again on the list...this one is just a warm up (but a splendid one I think). Rampling is terrific isn't she and I really admire Ludivine as well.

James Hansen said...

I dunno about this movie as a whole but OMG Ludivine Sagnier is so beautiful. And for her age, Charlotte Rampling isn't so bad herself. But...yeah...Ludivine is like my #1...

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks James,
She's sublime isn't she? It was hard not to just capture 10 stills of her...
anyway, I like the film. I know it's not one of his maybe great works but I dig the Chabrol like feel he captures here. Plus the film has a truly hypnotic aura about it...a bit like the feeling one gets after a humid and long day by the pool. It's also one of the few modern mysteries that I find gets richer after you know the secret at the end.
Thanks for the comments....much agreed on Ludivine, a really special part of modern cinema.

Goofball said...

Great choice.. certainly one of ozon's finest moments.. rampling is terrific.. i wondered why the midget lady wasn't included in the captures.. it was certainly an unexpected, enduring, fASCINATING IMAGE

Keith said...

I love this film. I've been a fan of Charlotte Rampling since I can remember. I thought she was great here. Plus I have a huge crush on Ludivine. She's gorgeous and has an incredible body.

MovieMan0283 said...

I remember really liking this film when I saw it (about 4 years ago). I agree with Richey's description of the mood/vibe/atmosphere. This is such a intangible, yet overpowering, aspect of what makes a movie work - aren't most of our favorites predicated on such evocative qualities.

Awkward transition: I've got a review up of Magnificent Ambersons which discusses filmic "moods" among other things. Been a little disappointed with the non-response so far; hopefully I didn't alienate too many readers with my focus on politics coming up to the presidential election. You can come back, everyone! It's safe now!

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Movieman for the nice comments...I will check out your Ambersons piece as that is one of my favorites.