Friday, May 9, 2008

Stills From Jean Rollin's La Nuit Des Horloges

I am greatly anticipating getting to see Jean Rollin's reportedly final film La Nuit Des Horloges, which unfortunately has still yet to get any kind of firm US or UK release date on DVD that I know of.

The film is currently playing at French Festivals and judging from the online reviews I have read it sounds like a wonderful career summation from the mighty Rollin.

While looking up some pictures yesterday on Photobucket I came across a series of a few dozen or so stills from the film so I wanted to provide the link as well as a few favorites here.

Ovidie has a wonderfully unique screen presence and she looks ideal for a Rollin film in these images. To view the complete set as well as some great recent photos of Jean, please visit this link.

Thanks to the person who captured these frames and posted them.


Steve Langton said...

Really nice stills. I'm a big Rollin fan. I love the poetic, dreamlike quality of his work. I guess he's an acquired taste just like Jess Franco but those who allow themselves to become immersed in his world will find great reward. A shame if it does turn out to be his swansong but he's treated us to some great films, with Living Dead Girl being my favourite.

Rogue Spy 007 said...

Those are some wonderful photo stills. I'm a fan of him myself. It's hard to find people who like him though. Many I come across can't stand his work. Oh well. I would love to see this film at some point. He has many so many cool films.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Steve,
Totally agree on Rollin and Franco...two of my favorites. LIVING DEAD GIRL is definately in my top five Rollin films but I think FASCINATION is probably my favorite.

Thanks Keith,
Yea I can't wait for this one...looks like a wonderful career summation...

thanks to you both!