Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cruising Hits Cannes

Last night the new version of William Friedkin's CRUISING hit the Cannes film festival. A first hand account of the screening is being discussed over at the dvdtalk forum. Here is the link for anyone interested:

Friedkin was on hand to introduce his controversial 27 year old feature starring Al Pacino, Karen Allen, Paul Sorvino and Joe Spinell. It sounds like several minor things have been reinstated and the disclaimer at the beginning has been dropped. I am very curious to see the new title sequence as well as the reinstated footage.
Tarantino was also present which I guess seals the deal that he is indeed a fan of this film, something I suspected after he used CRUISING'S closing credit song in his own recent DEATH PROOF.
The new version of the film does not include the forty plus minutes Friedkin had to cut out after studio and ratings board pressure back in 1980. Whether these scenes will be on the upcoming special edition remains to be seen as many contradictory statements have been released concerning them. Most recently Friedkin mentioned in a interview that they have been lost or destroyed but apparently there is a bootleg underground print circulating that does contain them.
The new dvd should be a winner with or without the elusive 40 missing minutes. Friedkin has already recorded a commentary and with Laurent Bouzereau in charge of the bonus materials we should get a solid documentary.
Friedkin's newest film BUG is getting mixed reviews but it is still one of his best received, and most talked about, films since TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A..

I will look forward to reading more about CRUISING at Cannes so if anyone has any further links please feel free to leave them in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

Cruising is a classic and it's freakin' awesome that's it's finally getting the recognition it deserves.

Kimberly Lindbergs said...

I only saw Cruising once on Showtime way back in the early 80s when I was only 13 or 14, but I remember even then really liking it and thinking to myself that I needed to watch it again in a few years when I could understand it more. I did think it was an effective thriller even then so I've always wanted to see it get a proper DVD release.

Nostalgia Kinky said...

Thanks to you both for the comments.
Kimberly I will be curious to see what you think of the film when you re-watch it on dvd.
I am also curious to see how the new version plays, for a film that was hated by nearly everyone upon initial release it has had pretty good staying power.
Thanks again...

Anonymous said...


Good news regarding CRUISING. It truly is one of my all-time favorite films...I'm glad to see that others have picked up on its' brilliance.

Speaking of which, where exactly has this "bootleg underground print" made the rounds? As a collector of all things regarding this movie, I'll do anything to get a copy. Drop me a line at and we'll discuss this in further detail.

Nostalgia Kinky said...

Hi David,
Wish I knew where that bootleg print was but I have no idea. I have just read of its rumored existence on various message boards. I am hoping that some of the footage will pop up on the upcoming dvd...I guess we'll have to wait and see.
Thanks for reading and for the comments...sorry I can be of any assistance with that video.