Thursday, May 11, 2017

FULL CIRCLE Fan Channel on YouTube

Longtime readers here will know that one of the films that I am most passionate about is Richard Loncraine's stunning 1977 masterpiece Full Circle (The Haunting of Julia).  While this mesmerizing work is still unavailable on DVD or Blu-ray fans are becoming more and more vocal about their love for it and some exciting things are happening.  There is a very active Facebook page dedicated to the film where you can keep up with news about it and see lots of vintage material.  There is also an upcoming article about the making of the film by Simon Fitzjohn in the upcoming issue of The Dark Side.  Last, but certainly not least, Mr. Fitzjohn has started a Full Circle Fan Channel on YouTube which I invite everyone to subscribe to and follow.  Two videos have been posted so far with more to come Fingers crossed that this all leads to one of the great films of the seventies finally getting the special edition home video release it has so long deserved!

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