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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Try Another World


Greetings all.  Just a quick note to mention that from here on out I will be posting almost exclusively at my official site, Nostalgia Kinky.  While I probably won't be adding much here anymore, I am leaving Moon in the Gutter, which is now over fifteen years old, open for any to peruse the past contents here.  I plan on updating Nostalgia Kinky more and more and will continue adding content to my Sylvia Kristel Archives as well.  I have added a widget near the top of the blog here that will link to my recent posts at Nostalgia Kinky and I invite any interested in my work to follow me there.  I am also working more and more at my YouTube channel, Nostalgia Kinky, for any interested.  Thanks so very much. 

-Jeremy Richey-   

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