Friday, December 26, 2008

Roger Ebert Weighs in on The Wrestler and Mickey Rourke

"I cared as deeply about Randy the Ram as any movie character I've seen this year. I cared about Mickey Rourke, too. The way this role and this film unfold, that almost amounts to the same thing. Rourke may not win the Oscar for best actor. But it would make me feel good to see him up there. It really would."

-Roger Ebert's closing to his four star review of The Wrestler.-

Click over to his site to read the full review and also check out the vintage Barfly posts at the bottom of the page Ebert has posted. Roger was typically someone who gave Rourke a lot of love back in the day, so this review really brought a smile to my face. My most anticipated film is still not playing anywhere around me but I will see it as soon as it is within driving distance.


Unknown said... sucks that it's only in NY and LA right now. The damn thing is filmed in Jersey...bring it across the river! Damn you Searchlight! Hopefully an oscar nod will bolster a wider scale release?

Steve Langton said...

Looking forward tremendously to seeing this one, though finances dictate I'll have to wait for the rental DVD rather than see it on the big screen. The prospect of seeing Mickey on top form is rather mouth watering, and I can't wait to read your thoughts.

Nostalgia Kinky said...

Thanks guys,
I really hope that once the Oscar nods are announced that the film will go into much wider release. I really can't wait.

Keith said...

Hey Jeremy. I really want to see this one. I'm sure I'll have to wait until it hits DVD. I am glad to hear all the great reviews about the film and Rourke's performance.

Paul Kell said...

this one is a treat jeremy. quite possibly the best american film of 2008. ebert was spot on about randy the ram being the character you can't help but care for more than any other this past year. i've always been a huge rourke fan and it feels so good to see him back at the center of the universe. hopefully his penchant for getting the crap kicked out of him in a boxing ring is behind him. since de niro and pacino have become parodies of themselves, i want at least one of my childhood icons to live long and do good work. angel heart 2, anyone?