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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Please Help David Bowie Rise To the Top of The American Album Charts

I typically don't pay any mind to the Billboard album chart listings but the news that David Bowie's magnificent new LP The Next Day might finally give the great man his long deserved spot at Number 1 in the States has me very excited.  Bowie's triumphant first album in ten years is debuting all across the globe at the top of well over forty album charts but the American spot is going to be tough as The Next Day is running neck and neck with the new Bon Jovi album. 
It is absolutely insane that Bowie has never had a number 1 album here in the States so I am asking all reading here to please help support Bowie and The Next Day and buy, or legally download, a copy this week or weekend.  The Next Day is an absolute powerhouse and a Number 1 placing would be a glorious welcome-back for my beloved Bowie, and it just might help set in motion the much hoped tour many of us are praying for. 
So, help a brother out and buy The Next Day.  You won't be sorry. 
-Jeremy Richey, 2013-

1 comment:

Tony Dayoub said...

I did my part. And I'm glad I did. What a great album. I'm especially glad I got the deluxe version because two of those extra tracks are among my favorite.